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Portrait solo Photo Shoot

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Portrait photography is the most popular, but at the same time very difficult genre in photography. Everything is important in a portrait: from the mood of the model to the image she creates, a carefully selected filming wardrobe to the style of decor or minimalism of just a snow-white or even background. A portrait can be graphic, multifaceted, a portrait always tells your life story, with a taste of eternity, as well as momentary and fleeting states.

A portrait can be considered both a close-up photo and a photo in which a person is depicted as very tiny against the background of endless space. Emotions, character, appearance of the model, plot – these are important “notes” for photography The photographer’s task may be to reveal the nature of the Phenomenon in the frame, so that the model does not feel embarrassed and the gaze and poses look natural. But also help the model to make reincarnations into new style, to feel fresh and totally “updated”. Solo Portrait Photo Shoot is a game you want to play over and over again.

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best locations

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by request: a table with a white tablecloth, chandelier with flowers, columns and vases with seasonal flowers, bouquet, rose petals, candles.

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guitar or violin?

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1- 4 hours

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