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Learn more about the types of photo sessions we offer. To do this, study our services and leave a request.

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High & Beauty retouching

Услуги профессиональной ретуши Photographer in Paris

What we offer for retouching

# 1 - Portrait Beauty Retouching

  • Smooth skin tone and make it more natural
  • Remove stray hairs on face and shoulders
  • Make hair look neater and volume
  • Apply Dodge & Burn
  • Brighten the colors
  • Airbrush skin making it high-end
photographer in paris

#2 - Higt-End Retoching

We do portrait retouching staples like stray hair removal, red-eye correction and skin tone enhancement. We keep things realistic for portraits, but we’re not averse to adding a bokeh effect or sepia overlay for a dramatic touch.

photographer in paris

#3 - Fashion Photo Manipulation

We can change the color of a frock, trim a hem, remove distracting props or add embellishments to a model’s clothes. Whatever your client wants in the photo, we’ll make it happen.

#4 - Glamour Photo Retouching

Photos tell a story, and for glamour photos, the narrative rests on the details included in the frame. Tell us about your creative vision, and our retouching artists will take care of the rest.

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