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What’s better than getting married? Getting married in Paris! Elegant and beautiful ceremony with your partner-to-be. As wedding days are remembered forever, they should be perfect. 

We can create a breathtaking, meaningful experience for your wedding day.

We will help you to clarify your vision and bring your dreams to life in a wedding that is sublime, elegant and uniquely personal to you. We will soothe your stresses, and make your Parisian ceremony unforgettable.

As a Paris elopement and wedding photographer, Chouette Love  ready to help you create spectacular images of your Paris elopement or wedding.Bring us your ideas, concerns and questions and we will give you the clarify and direction that you are looking for.We believe in unlimited touch-points with our clients. Unlimited phone calls, unlimited in-person meetings, and an unlimited number of emails. It’s the only way a wedding should be planned.

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outdoors near the Eiffel Tower or
Luxemburg garden or near Notre Dame

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a table with a white tablecloth, porcelain angel for rings, chandelier with flowers, 2 columns and 2 vases with seasonal flowers, bridal bouquet, rose petals, candles.

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We offer for your attention - a violin

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3 hours (ceremony and Paris)

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