Fashion styled Photo Shoot

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A photo shoot in Paris is a dream come true.

Because Paris is chic, glamorous, and the most beautiful city in Europe … just like you! We will organize your dream day in the City of Lights. You will enjoy a magazine-style photo shoot at the most beautiful venues in Paris.

Whether you’re looking for a model portfolio, cosplay photoshoot, fitness photoshoot or boudoir photoshoot, your images should be a great representation of your confidence, your personality trait and your work.

With un experience shooting portfolios, we’re confident that we can help you to transfe your external image and style into a collection of photos you deserve.

After an initial consultation about what you are trying to achieve, our Chouette Love team: make-up artists, hair stylists and photographer have the expertise to deliver when it matters most.

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outdoors near the Eiffel Tower or
Luxemburg garden or near Notre Dame

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a table with a white tablecloth, porcelain angel for rings, chandelier with flowers, 2 columns and 2 vases with seasonal flowers, bridal bouquet, rose petals, candles.

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We offer for your attention - a violin

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3 hours (ceremony and Paris)

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