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Are you looking for the best places to take pictures of you in Paris?  Do you enjoy cityscapes? How about a beautiful Parisian architecture, bridges, views, panoramas and gardens as a beautiful backdrop for our shooting? Ride on French roundabouts blowing air bubbles? Do you want to be a part of cute street scenes (dancing, tasting delicious French cheese or
chocolate, visiting some old Parisian markets looking for special gifts for your love?  And what about to have a small breakfast during shooting time in a stylish French cafes?   Do you prefer more Eiffel Towel or Notre Dame for your wedding ceremony? Paris has it all… and more! We find Paris to be incredibly beautiful and magic almost at every turn, and we’ll propose the best « Chouette » location.  We suppose you have been to a lot of different cities around the world already, but there is just something about Paris that still need to be discovered. I know, everyone says that it’s beautiful, right? But we can propose you something is gorgeous.  When we plan your visit here, we want to be sure, you’ll definitely going to enjoy it! There’s just too many great spots in Paris, but we prepare a list of our « chouette » favorite spots (for today) that you have discovered while there.
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Château D’Esclimont